Born to a very kind mother and a cheerful father, COOBO’s heart is
completely pure and clear, just like a
blue sky with no single clouds.


Many doors around COOBO are the paths to unknown adventures.

With his dear partner Strawberry Dog, COOBO cautiously opens the door.


His every day life is an exciting adventure.
One small step becomes a big experience, and makes his mind broader and deeper.


With small but big adventures of COOBO, children will learn joy and sadness,
kindness and politeness, courage, strength that never give up,
and humor that drives the heart.


Together with COOBO, children will learn

what the values of human beings are.


COOBO’s world will be full of wonderful stories with exciting and

brilliant visuals.


Children… Please read, feel, sing, and play from the bottom of your heart.

Best wishes to all of our children who lead the future…



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